Onondaga County Furloughs and Layoffs – Update

Local 834 Brothers and Sisters, 

On Thursday, September 10, CSEA and Onondaga County entered a phased furlough agreement where in that the first phase of the furlough will be voluntary.

This agreement was in response to the County Legislature voting 9-7 to give the County Executive unprecedented authority to lay off up to 250 county positions.  

Any person in a CSEA position may request to opt-in to the furlough agreement and can choose their furlough terms (i.e. how many days per week, or any specific period of time between now and March 31, 2020).

If enough people opt to take a voluntary furlough, the County may not need to resort to mandating non-voluntary furloughs. This program can help save the County money and should decrease layoffs, but won’t fully prevent them.

This agreement was crucial in order to save as many positions as possible. It’s important now, more than ever, to ensure our front-line workers — that have been serving our community during a global pandemic — can still have access to their employer sponsored, union-negotiated healthcare.

We still need the federal government to take action and provide the state and local governments immediate aid. Without it, mandatory furloughs and cuts will continue — and get deeper. We urge you to contact your federal representatives and demand aid.

If you have questions regarding the voluntary furlough plan, please contact your Unit President or call the Local 834 Office at 315-446-0330.