CSEA is one of New York’s largest worker unions, allowing workers the OPPORTUNITY to come together collectively to build POWER and improve our work and home lives. We are built on the foundation of strength in numbers.

​Union membership is an investment in the future for you and your family. The dues you pay now come back to you in many ways, multiplied, now and in the future.

​Union membership is also like a good insurance policy: We hope you’ll never need many of our protections, but you’ll be glad we’re there for you if and when you do.

​CSEA is the largest affiliate union of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), which in turn is one of the largest affiliate unions of the international house of labor, the AFL-CIO.

CSEA Membership Application
** Please print and complete the membership application and mail it to:
CSEA Local 834
5815 Heritage Landing Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057