About Us

Your Officers:

Dan Vadala, Local 834 President
Daniel Vadala
Valarie Massulik, Local 834 Treasurer
Valarie Massulik
Tammy Honeywell, Local 834 Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
Tammy Honeywell
Diane Szlamczynski
Don Cushman, Department of Social Services, Unit President
First Vice President
Donald Cushman

CSEA Onondaga Local 834 is a not for profit organization which represents more then 3,500 public service members in Onondaga County. We are employees of Onondaga County, City of Syracuse, Syracuse Housing Authority, OCWA, Liverpool Library and several towns and villages.

We are workers who join together in solidarity to have clout at the negotiating table, in the political arena and in our communities. We are individuals who know that you have to belong to be strong, and we negotiate with our employers from a position of strength that comes from union membership.

CSEA is proud that we are a grassroots union where members themselves elect their officers and where only members can serve on negotiating teams and vote to ratify contracts.

CSEA also has a respected political action network to represent your interests before elected officials. As Local 1000 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, we belong to the most powerful international union in the United States.

To our members we say:

Get involved. The more involved you are,
the more rewarding your membership will be.

For information about CSEA Central Region 5 – please visit the
Region 5 website.