A Message From the President RE: County Employees Return to Work

Local 834 County Employees,

In preparation of returning to work in-office, CSEA Local 834 has negotiated a number of terms with the County to help make the transition safe and efficient for all.

First, and foremost, public-facing county employees are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine as of Wednesday, March 17. Employees who sign up for and receive a vaccination(s) during regular work hours should do the following: swipe out when leaving for an appointment; swipe back in when returning from an appointment; and submit a leave request for ‘administrative leave’ with the reason ‘Covid Vaccination’.

Rapid asymptomatic testing will be available for any employee. Employees will not have to swipe in/out or use leave accruals for testing. There are no walk-ins allowed, so please sign up in advance:

These new procedures may increase traffic at the thermometers and the elevators which could cause you to swipe in late. CSEA has worked with the County to ensure you will not be disciplined if that’s the case, but you must submit an exception report. 

At the office, you must still follow basic safety protocols. When you leave your desk, you must wear a mask. You must also wear a mask at your desk if you’re within 6 feet of a coworker’s desk and there is no barrier. Elevator occupancy is limited to 4 people and you must stand in the marked areas.

While it is the employer’s responsibility to keep us safe at work, we too play a part in keeping our workplace safe. When in doubt, please wear a mask.

We are continuing to work with the County to restore telework options in departments that were previously offering them.

Any employee needing an accommodation for a child learning virtually or because of a CDC recognized condition should talk to the person designated by your department or unit.

We understand that after a year of living through an unprecedented health crisis that this adjustment will present some concerns and challenges. We appreciate the County listening and acting on our member’s concerns.

CSEA’s Occupational Safety and Health Specialist has reviewed the County’s safety precautions and will continue to review and work with the County to make sure our members and the public stay safe.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Local 834 Office at 315-446-0330 or use the form on our Contact Us page.

In Solidarity, 

Dan Vadala, President